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Program Requirements

Atlanta Sober Living for Men and Women

Our goal at Second Chance Sober Living Program is permanent recovery one day at a time. We are committed to providing a structured, safe, clean, and sober living environment for residents to succeed. The following are the minimum requirements to enter the Second Chance Residential Program.

Second Chance

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"We Have Been Given a Second Chance"

Second Chance Program Requirements:

  • Must be age 18 and up.
  • Must abstain from all mood and mind altering substances (including OTC medications that have potential for abuse)
  • Must be medically and psychologically stable and responsible for all meds​
  • Willing to follow all rules and guidelines
  • Willing to attend daily 12 step meetings
  • Wiling to get a 12 step sponsor and work through the 12 step process with sponsor
  • Honesty. We believe to be a productive member of Second Chance, 12 Step groups, and a productive member of society we must practice an honest program.
  • Open-minded. Must be willing to explore the possibility there is a Power greater than ourselves.
  • Willingness. Willing to commit to all of the above and follow recommendations of staff and treatment teams if applicable.

Second Chance works closely with treatment providers, therapists, and probation officers to provide monthly progress and drug test results.